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Hair loss has many causes and can be permanent or temporary. Most people have slower hair growth as they get older and some people, mostly men, go bald. Certain types of hair loss, however, can happen to anyone at any age. Medicines can sometimes help stop hair loss. Each hair strand grows out of a hair follicle situated just under the surface of the skin. An average scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles. Hair strands on the scalp normally grow at the rate of about 1cm a month for three to five years. Eventually, a hair strand stops growing and after about three months falls out, as it's hair follicle starts to grow a new hair strand. A healthy person loses about 50-100 hairs from the scalp every day. If this hair growing cycle is disrupted or hair follicles are damaged, hair strands may fall out early or not be replaced, leading to thinning, or partial or total baldness. The medical name for hair loss is alopecia.

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